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TOEFL Reading and Answering Strategies

Reading and answering strategies

TOEFL passages TOEFL reading passages are from various academic fields, often excerpts from college-level textbooks that would be used in introductions to a discipline or topic. They are long, about 700 words or about five, six paragraphs. There normally are 3 passages in the TOEFL reading test. Each passage has 10 questions, which you need to answer in 18 minutes per passage.  When reading the passage, you first need to know that TOEFL reading passages are not designed for leisure reading. You are not supposed to read all the sentences in the passage carefully. You are supposed to read the passage to answer questions. In other words, not all sentences in the TOEFL passage are equally important. Like characters in a movie, where a few are the main characters, several are supporting characters and the rest are extras, sentences in a passage can represent the main idea, supporting idea or minor details. Just as you wouldn’t pay too much attention to extras in a movie, you shouldn’t read
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TOEFL Vocab A-words

In this post we learn TOEFL words that begin with the letter A.  abate  to subside, die away, die down aberrant atypical, deviant, divergent abstain to restrain oneself from doing something, hold back abstruse incomprehensible, recondite abundant  present in large quantities accumulate  to gradually collect accurate  correct; free from errors accustomed  used to something acquire  to come into possession of acerbic harsh, acid  acrimonious  bitter, angry, resentful  adamant  refusing to change an opinion adept  skilled, accomplished adequate  enough to suit your needs adjacent  close to or next to adjust  to change something so it serves its purpose better advantage  something that makes it easier to achieve success advent arrival, emergence, dawn advocate  to publicly support adverse  unfavorable; against one’s desires affluent   wealthy aggregate  to combine aggressive  assertive and pushy agile  moving quickly and lightly alienate  to arouse hostility or indifference in allege